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Top 9 Bad Skincare Habits.

9 Bad Skincare Habits

All of us have one or more bad habits in our routine without having an idea how it affects our skincare. Are you also more focused on buying expensive products and sticking to them diligently? Because you believe expensive is equal to good and that is enough for your skin.

So, in this article, I will tell you what you are missing out on in your skincare routine. If you want healthy and glowing natural skin, then I can help you in achieving that by eliminating a few bad skincare habits from your daily routine.

Review the list of bad habits below and see if you can eliminate these from your routine to have healthy skin.

#1 Frequently touching your face.

Bad Skincare Habits.
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I understand the moment you see a pimple on your face that evil side urges to prick it pops out. Especially when you have oily skin there is no escape from pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

But let me tell you one thing pricking a pimple might look easy and a temporary solution to a bulge but remember during the process you are pushing dirt and germs inside your skin which have long-lasting worsening effects on your face.

It may result in open pores and acne that could take months to get rid of. The easiest solution is to stop yourself from doing this and avoid touching your face redundantly.

#2 Sleeping with makeup on at night.

Sleeping with makeup on at night
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You are tired after a long day and really need a rest so do your skin from makeup. Never sleep without make-up on. It is mandatory to wash your face in the evening when you are done for the day.

All day long you were out, and your skin faces layers of dust and germs and when you wash your face in the evening you are giving your skin a rest. The next morning you will feel fresh and refreshing.

There are so many options available out there to clean your skin like micelle water or wet wipes choose a good fit for you and alter this bad habit.

#3 Keep yourself Dehydrated.

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Yes, hydration makes difference. Drink an ample amount of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Set frequent alarms reminding you about hydration until you are good to go without alarm.

Merely using moisturizer and keeping your skin topically hydrated won’t work. You need to keep your full body hydrated and once you are set in the routine you will observe the difference.

Remember always to carry a water bottle with you.

#4 You Exfoliate too much

Exfoliate too much
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There is a saying anything too much is bad. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week helps in removing dead skin and makes it look clear.

It is important to understand the exfoliation need too much exfoliation of skin can make it look reddish and sometimes it might result in irritation.

#5 Not using sunscreen.

Not using sunscreen
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Never ever avoid SPF. In fact, make sunscreen an integral part of your daily routine. It is imperative to wear sunscreen daily and keep the sun damage at bay. The damage that sun rays give to your skin comes in fine lines which is invisible to you.

Excessive exposure to the sun may lead to prematurely aging skin. If you don’t want that apply sunscreen after cleansing and you are ready to rock.

#6 Smoking and alcohol.

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You know smoking is injurious to health. Yes, that covers the skin too. Smoking can result in Psoriasis. Prematurely aged skin and dullness are the results of nicotine consumption.

Since I already advised you to keep yourself hydrated. Quitting alcohol comes along. If you are a frequent drinker who drinks a high amount of alcohol, then quit it today only. Alcohol consumption results in dehydration. Not only dehydration but inflammation too.

It is best to drink alcohol in a moderate quantity and balance dehydration by drinking plenty of water.

#7 Lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep
© Andrea [Pexels]

What keeps you awake late at night? There could be an Nth number of reasons for you not getting enough sleep.

Reduce them to zero and take ideal sleep of 7-9 hours. When you are asleep your body repair itself. So, it is important not to break the cycle and give your body enough time to prepare it for the next morning.

#8 Not taking a healthy diet.

Not taking a healthy diet
© Andres [Pexels]

Fried food might taste good and nice to satisfy your taste buds, but your skin won’t like it that way. It demands something healthy and nutritious.

However, a relationship is yet to be discovered between a healthy diet and glowing skin.

But it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables, and fruits good to add whole grain and lean proteins to your daily diet.

#9 Unmanaged stress.

Unmanaged stress
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Unmanageable- stress can take a toll on your skin. Stress triggers acne and other skin problems. To have healthy glowing skin it is important to control and manage stress as much it is important to follow a daily skincare routine.

Say bye to stress and Hi! to mental peace.

Some basic hygiene tips to follow for healthy skin:

We already discussed enough bad habits that need to be avoided immediately to have beautiful glowing skin. Similarly, it is equally important to maintain basic hygiene such as:

  • Change your towels frequently and don’t share them with anyone.
  • Change your clothes after a workout and keep the germs at bay.
  • Always clean your makeup brush and sponges thoroughly. They are home to microorganisms and bacteria.
  • Never ignore the red alerts your skins give you when you apply certain products. It might not a good fit for your skin.
  • Always Pat dry your skin after a bath and prevent a complete strip off the moisture from your skin.
  • Always use warm water rather than long hot showers to keep your skin naturally hydrated.


Thinking about when to start? Today is the right time good habits take time to build up. Once you are in sync with good habits you will feel the difference in your skin.

Trust me, they are not tedious to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions
© Louis [Pixabay]

Is it important to choose skin-specific products?

Obviously yes, choose your skin type before you decide on a product.

What causes under-eye dark circles?

Lack of sleep and sun exposure are two major factors that may result in under-eye dark circles.

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