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Effective Long-Head Bicep Exercises, Common Injuries, and Injury Treatment Strategies

Long Head Bicep Exercises

All the Information given by the national center for biotechnology information(NCBI) about the absence of Long-head biceps brachii(LHB) is rare to come off. The diagnosis is difficult to breathe with the two magnetic resonance imaging and physical examination. However, despite the rarity of LHB absence, it is crucial to prioritize the right exercises, such as long-head bicep exercises, to maintain optimal muscle function and overall arm strength.

According to the report of NCBI, there was a 24-year-old girl who is having a problem named absence of Long head biceps. She had a history of three years of shoulder pain and instability with negative magnetic resonance, Later it was found that the long-head bicep tendon was absent. The relationship between the absent long-head bicep and shoulder pain remains unclear always.

What are biceps? & define their types.

long-head bicep exercises
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The Bicep brachii is a large musculus in the upper arm that turns the hand to the facepalm uppermost and helps to flex the arm and forearm. It is an organ made up of skeletal muscle and connective tissues. The skeletal muscle is trumped-up of elongated cells known as Fibres. The core function of the biceps is to curve the forearm and pivot or rotate the forearm. Bicep is a part of our body that joins the shoulder and the hand with each other. The biceps brachii is the most variable muscle of the human body. The biceps shares its nerve supply with the other two muscularity of the ventral sections. The biceps is divided into two-headed muscles one is biceps brachii(short head) and another is biceps brachii(long head). The biceps share the nerve supply with two other fibrous. Musculocutaneous nerve supplied the muscles. The biceps muscles perform various functions to support the hand and the whole body. Biceps keep our hands flexible to do many things in our daily routine. The biceps muscles also help uplift the shoulder at 90 degrees.



There are two types of biceps:-

  1. The Short-head biceps:- The short-head muscle is accountable for adding width to your flex. The short head bicep is located inside the upper arm. A short head bicep also helps in rotating your forearm. The short head pulls the arm back towards the torso and contributes to the inner arm.
  2. The Long-head biceps:- The long-head bicep is a lengthy part of the biceps that helps to improve the strength of the pulling movements. The long-head biceps gives the biceps height or peak. The birth of the long-head biceps supraglenoid tubercle. According to the physiopedia, the long head bicep provides solidity to the glenohumeral joint.


  2. The standing curls:- The standing curls help in the erection of the biceps muscles and forearms. This exercise is a weight-training exercise. This exercise is ready with dumbbells. Under this exercise, the position of the hand is the way to change the movement in the biceps.

Standing in a straight position and taking the dumbbell, start working with the hand, get close to the shoulder, and then go down slowly.

  1. Concentration curls:- This exercise is ready while sitting on the bench. This exercise is helped to improve the shape of the biceps, helps to lift the arm, and helps to build muscle groups in your arm. Concentration curls are also known as dumbbell concentration curls. This exercise helps to improvise the curl variations.

Bring the dumbbell & sit on the bench & bend a little toward the legs start with this exercise & by putting your arm on the leg & then start moving your arm and close to the shoulder, then again go down. Repeat this around 10-15 times.

  2. Drag curls:- This exercise pump the muscles of the biceps. This exertion is the most famous exercise for flexing and giving muscularity to the muscles.

Firstly, grab the bar & keep your hand straight down & then start doing up and down. Repeat this around 10-15 times.

  1. Close-grip curls:- close grip curls help to build the biceps brachii muscle. It is also known as a narrow grip barbell curl. The equipment for this exercise is weights and barbells.

Pick up the barbell curl & Then move the weight towards your chest by moving your forearms towards your biceps and then again on the starting point. Keep doing this on repeat around 15-20 times.

  2. Push-ups:- Push-ups help to form the upper body and make our body flexible and strong. This is also known as bodyweight training, circuit training workout, and strength workout. Push-ups activate the two muscles which are around the shoulder joints & the name of these muscles are the pectoralis major and another one is deltoid muscle. The push-up can also construct the biceps and triceps to an important extent.

Lay down on the floor & inhale and slowly bend your elbow and lower yourself to the floor. And exhale while contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands, and get back to starting position.

  1. Chin-ups:- Chin-ups help in almost occupied upper body shoulders, biceps, and upper back. The cause why chin-ups are better than pull-ups is that you have an appreciable range of motion in your elbow.

Chin-ups is a horizontal bar placed above shoulder height & put your hand on the bar & keep your face up and then raise your body until your chin is above the bar.

Injuries in long head biceps

  1. Biceps strain or tear:- Biceps strain is due to overloading and vice-versa of stretching. Symptoms of the strain are swelling & pain in the middle of the biceps between the shoulder and the elbow. Treatment of bicep strain is to flatten by pressure active exercise & if not have any relaxation in damage then go to the doctor.
  2. Biceps tendonitis:- Biceps tendonitis may cause due to the repetitive motion of lifting items, and sporting activities lead to biceps pain. Medications for biceps tendinitis is using cold packs or Ice, physical therapy, and doing some rest with treatment. Tendonitis also occurs because of an unexpected & consequential load to the tendon.
  3. Humerus fracture:- Humerus is the bone in the upper arm. A fracture in the humerus stops an arm movement. These indications of the fracture are stiffness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, etc., Prescription of the humerus fracture leads to surgery & sometimes they can recover without the surgery and need some splint, cast, or sling & will be recovered in 12 weeks. Physical therapy is also good for the fracture helping to move the arm.
  4. Rupture:- The problem of the long head bicep rupture occurs around 40-60 years if they already have a shoulder issue. The long-head bicep rupture affects the mainly dominant arm. This problem also occurs in younger individuals if they do weight lifting and have traumatic falls.

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