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Meaning and History of lactic acid:

Lactic acid skincare routine, how it works? Lactic acid is a colorless and also an organic acid that is produced by the body. This acid is chemical by nature. Mostly, lactic acid is found in sour things like cottage cheese, and sour items like lemon, curd, etc. The molecular formula CH3CHCOOH. It is white like milk & solid in the state. It is also known as milk acid. Milk goes through a fermentation process through which lactic acid is produced. Lactic acid is used as a synthetic intermediate in many organic synthesis industry and Biochemical industries. Lactic acid is soluble in liquid things like water, alcohol, etc. Let’s go into some areas of history, the first time acid was found.

lactic acid skincare
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His name was PASTEUR discovered this acid first time in his first microbiological investigation. In sour milk, he found out the principal acid named carl William Scheele in 1780. He was a Swedish chemist, Who found lactic acid from sour milk as an impure brown syrup and named it based on its original “Mojolksyra”. But first, lactic acid was found in a fermented product by Blounde-au in 1874. In 1858 researchers found lactic acid live in a patient, researcher named Folwarczny. In the year 2006, global production of lactic acid reached 2705000 tones with an angle growth of 10%.

An Egyptian queen named Cleopatra is known for her beautiful skin, and she bathes daily with soured goat milk with honey because she got a perfect complexion, so this was the rumor. There was one more lady, the wife of a roman emperor & she also took baths daily with milk to keep her skin soft and young.

Uses of lactic acid:

  • Lactic acid Uses in food and medicines.
  • Lactic acid uses in skincare.
  • It uses in making plastics.
  • Lactic acid is used in textile dyeing and also in leather tanning.
  • Lactic acid uses as a preservative.
  • Lactic acid utilise a C-source.
  • Lactic acid also uses and plays a role in traumatic brain injuries.

The Disadvantage of lactic acid:

  • Lactic acid leads to muscle pain.
  • Lactic acid leads to cramps.


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Lactic acid is naturally from milk, fruit, vegetables, and other plants. Lactic acid is found in over-the-counter skin care products. These products have anti-aging properties which help to reduce the aging of the skin. Lactic acid is also used in a chemical peel. It is a water-soluble liquid used in skincare treatments. Lactic acid behaves like a chemical exfoliant for our skin, which comes from the fermentation process.

In cosmetics, it uses the way back from ancient times. In skin care, lactic acid can be of synthetic or vegetable origin. Lactic acid uses in skin care products and professional treatment. Lactic acid is an acid ingredient in dairy products. Across the world, people use dairy-based products to soften and beautify their skin. Lactic acid fermentation is the best way used for food preservation. And milk contains carbohydrates. Naturally, lactic acid is produced by the good bacteria of the skin flora. It is thus qualified as post-biotic.

Lactic acid is mild compared to other AHAs. Generally, it is recommended the people having sensitive skin and those who are looking for gentle exfoliation. The maximum concentration of lactic acid is 10% in a cosmetics product as per the rules of European cosmetic regulations.

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  • Lactic acid helps to eliminate the dead cells from the skin, which makes our skin dull and dirty.
  • Lactic acid moisturizes the epidermis of the skin.
  • It lightens the scars and post-inflammatory redness.
  • Lactic acid also helps in reducing acne marks.
  • Lactic acid helps improve the skin’s natural hydration factor, which keeps our skin hydrated all the time.
  • It also helps in smoothes the fine lines.

Side-effects of lactic acid skincare

  • Lactic acid makes your skin sensitive to too much sun exposure.
  • Lactic acid can cause your skin rugging.
  • By using lactic acid products, the skin gets a seriousness of over-exfoliation, and then the skin becomes red, tight, and irritated.
  • It can also cause acid burns by using the lactic acid peel at very high strength.

Lactic Acid Skincare Products

1. Derma doctor ain’t misbehavin’ healthy toner:

this derma doctor toner helps to exfoliate the skin. This toner includes Glycolic acid and lactic acid & also has soothing green tea and skin-tightening lemon peel extract. This healthy toner is best for oily skin and is also not recommended for those skin having sensitivities.

2. Dermalogical skin resurfacing cleanser:

This skin cleanser is best for removing dirt, sweat, makeup, and impurities from the skin. By using this cleanser and massaging the skin & you get bouncy and soft skin. This Dermalogica skin cleanser is best for oily and combination skin.

3. Elta MD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF46:

Elta MD is a sunscreen that contains lactic acid. Generally, it does not contains lactic acid. It is rare to find. Sunscreen is not enough to exfoliate the skin but helps to keep the skin hydrated. This sunscreen is suitable for all skin types.

4. Sunday Riley good genes all-in-one lactic acid treatment:

The Sunday Riley good genes is a kind of serum that helps exfoliates and fortify the skin and also keeps the skin hydrated. This skin serum also helps in skin aging and looking younger. This serum also contains licorice root extract that helps to brighten the skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation. This serum is best for all skin types.

5. REN Glycolic Lactic acid radiance renewal mask:

Ren is a radiance renewal mask that exfoliates the skin and makes it smoother and clear. Ren contains both glycolic acid and lactic acid. This mask keeps your skin hydrated and feels fresh. REN is great for all types of skin.

6. Hope in a jar:

Hope in a jar is a moisturizer that contains a little bit of extract of lactic acid that keeps your skin clear and exfoliates the skin. This moisturizer also contains compounds that are skin-nourishing and keeps the skin hydrated. This moisturizer also contains a hydrating factor. It is suitable for normal, combination, and oily skins.

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