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Top Secret: Does wrestling build muscle? 

Does Wrestling Build Muscles

Have you ever wondered why athletes are among the fittest sports personalities? Is it because of wrestling? Does wrestling build muscles?

Wrestling is a sport that is played in almost every corner of the world. And creates a picture of a physically strong structure in our minds. Wrestling has been there for ages; it is the sport of technique and strength.

In this article, we will understand why wrestlers are so strong. Why do wrestlers have a big physical structure? Is it all because of wrestling?

What is wrestling?

Does Wrestling Build Muscles
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Let us begin by understanding what wrestling is. Wrestling is a sport with certain code rules, In which the aim is to knock down the opponent, usually by throwing him down or disbalancing him.

The main purpose of wrestling is to nail the opponent by holding him from the shoulders for about a second on the mat. The nail marks the end of the match. The touching Feet of the opponent are restricted in wrestling.

Does wrestling build the muscles of the wrestlers?

The answer to this question is quite obviously yes. Wrestling is a grip sport, and when a wrestler tries to grip the opponent, it builds arms and shoulders.

Pinning the opponent down on the mat builds legs and back. All over, wrestling moments build muscles.

Building muscle from wrestling is not just limited to the wrestling moments. Still, it also depends on the dietary intake of wrestlers and the kind of exercise they perform to maintain their physical structures.

Wrestler’s power diet to gain muscles?

If you are a wrestler, the main challenge is to maintain muscles and endurance. It is a tedious task to maintain the body throughout the year. To maintain a physique, you must choose a nutritious diet which will favor your strength. Choosing the wrong diet can be detrimental and might make you feel weaker than the opponent on the mat. Wrestler aim is to lose fat without sacrificing the muscle tissues. It is important to maintain a dietary intake balance.

The dietary intake of wrestlers depends on their demographic characteristics and likes and dislikes. Among all the nutrients, carbohydrates are the main source of energy—however, protein act as a repairing nutrient for the cells of your body. To check the source of some of the Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, refer to the table below.

SourceTypes of NutrientsCategory
Chicken BreastProteinNon- Veg
White FishProteinNon- Veg
Lean Ground BeefProteinNon- Veg
Turkey BeastProteinNon- Veg
Egg WhitesProteinNon- Veg
Sweet PotatoesCarbohydratesVeg
Coconut OilProteinsVeg
Nut ButtersProteinsVeg
Wrestler’s Diet

Some prohibited foods for wrestlers, especially during the wrestling season, that might drain their energy are:

  • Soda and energy drinks
  • Fried foods
  • Candy, Cakes
  • Full- Fat Chips
  • Nachos and Pizzas

Avoid this food as much as possible to stand strong in front of your opponent.

What are the Physical exercises Wrestlers do?

Wrestlers Physical exercises
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There is a saying that learns to walk before you run, and wrestling is a true match of this definition. It is a complicated sport that requires dedication, consistency, and hard work.

It is key that you set goals to achieve gains, and the most important goal to achieve gains is physical exercise. Some of the exercises that a wrestler must perform are:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Torso work
  • Neck Strengthening
  • Partner lifts

Merely having a balanced diet won’t help you to build muscles. Physical exercise is a must. Some of the physical exercises that wrestlers perform to build muscles and stay strong are listed below:

1. Arms/ShouldersKettlebell movementsCurls, Press, Push press.
Barbell Movements Curls, Press, Push press.
Dumbbell movementsLateral raises and Front raises.
2. Back/legsKettlebell movementsSwings, Clean, Deadlift, Snatch.
Barbell Movements Push press, Snatch, Upright row
Dumbbell movementsOne arm row, Push press row.
3. Neck Bridge Headstand Weighted neck harness
Wrestler’s Exercises

What are the Health Benefits of Wrestling?

Wrestling is just not limited to building muscles. It also has amazing health benefits which are incredibly Surprising:

Improves Strength and Tolerance:

Since it is obvious that wrestling builds muscles or thickens muscles, your heart finds it difficult to pump blood, so you need a stronger heart to perform the pumping function.

During the intense session of wrestling, you develop endurance from every angle. Thus, you find yourself less tired and never out of breath while performing regular functions. Such as climbing up stairs.

Enhances burning of calories:

Wrestling is a game that requires high endurance and power. During the match, wrestlers burn a high number of calories. In spite of the normal workout, you do maintain weight loss. Wrestlers can burn up to 600 calories in just 6 minutes.

Improves Mental health:

Wrestling is a game of calculated moments. It requires a high level of mental alertness. When a wrestler dedicates his life to wrestling, at the time of wrestling training, he finds himself focused, determined, disciplined, and highly alert.

Wrestling stimulates a healthy mindset. Even after losing a match, wrestlers never lose their confidence.


Wrestling is a great alternative for a cardio workout. No more walking or running on treadmills for a cardio workout.

Wrestling works for the overall growth of your heart and keeps your heart fit and healthy. You can observe the change in your endurance limits by pushing yourself beyond limits without fatigue.


Participating in a sport largely driven by interest. Everyone has bone-of-contention when it comes to choosing a sport. Which largely depends on the likes and dislikes.

I believe wrestling is the sport that helps in the overall development of health, be it mental or cardiovascular health. It can be easily introduced in schools and colleges due to the limited resources required to begin with wrestling. A quality wrestling mat hoist can be a good head start for wrestling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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I am a girl. Can I go to wrestling?

Yes, wrestling is for both boys and girls.

What is the right age to start practicing wrestling?

Most kid’s clubs allow children of age 4-5 years.

What are the qualities of a good wrestler?

Strength, speed, Strategy, and power are the 4 main qualities of a wrestler.

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