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Cardio is a dance or aerobic exercise also known as Rhythm-based exercise. This exercise helps you to do healthy ways to stay safe and disease free. Cardio is a light-weighted and simple exercise that can perform by youngsters, as well as oldies can also do. Through cardio, you strengthen your body and muscle. While doing cardio, your small muscle or bones are made strong. Cardio performs by every person, which is a light-weighted activity. This type of exercise help to increase the flow of blood and provides proper nutrients and vitamins for the body.

cardio vs weight training for belly fat
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A cardio exercise is an aerobic or physical exercise that includes the rhythmic form. “cardio” is derived from the “cardiovascular“. A Cardio is a zone where you burn your fat and calories. Cardio is a type of full-body massager exercise. Those exercises also help with cervical issues. Regular cardio activity will help you:-

  • Reduce body fat.
  • Boost confidence.
  • Decrease the stress level.
  • Decrease the risk of a heart attack.
  • Improve the sporty performance.
  • Decrease the pain in joints.
  • Help to improve the heart rate and blood flow.
  • It Relieves anxiety and depression.
  • Improves breathing.

And there are many more benefits of cardio.

Always choose cardio according to your lifestyle., If you love to do outdoor games then you should go for jogging, cycling, running, etc. whether you love to do indoor exercises then you should go for yoga, meditation, jumping at a place, jumping ropes, and jogging at the Place also good, etc., many more activities you can do at your home, or otherwise, you can go outside for particular Places like the gym or anywhere. At the gym, you have some equipment for doing these activities like a trade mill for running and jogging and a standing cycle for cycling.

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Now here we are discussing a particular thing for belly fat. There are some exercises for reducing belly fat you should do them. Mostly, people face the problem of belly fat. Almost 90% of the world’s people face it. Cardio helps you to reduce belly fat. Belly fat always creates problems from wearing fitted clothes and increasing waist size. People think that you do crunches and you will lose your belly fat. It is not true that only crunches do belly fat. There are many cardio exercises & you have to understand which cardio suits your body and start them. Some cardio exercises that help you to reduce your belly fat.

The exercises are:

  • CYCLING: Next cardio is cycling for belly fat. Cycling is also full-body cardio which helps to remove fats and calories. It is a low-impact cardio that helps in burning tons of calories. This cycling workout is not only good for health but for the mind’s health and also for the fresh air and sightseeing.
  • RUNNING: Running is the first and simple cardio exercise for belly fat reduction. While running, the flow of metabolism develops in the body and starts the process of reducing fat and calories. Running is not a single way to reduce belly fat. There are many ways to reduce this.
  • STAIR CLIMBING: Stair climbing is another cardio exercise for reducing belly fat. Stair climbing is like a heavy activity for the legs because this exercise wholly depends on the legs & this is not bad because it strengthens the leg’s muscles and bones.
  • ZUMBA: Zumba is a form of cardio exercise that will help you to increase blood by doing some dance forms. It will also help to reduce fat and calories. Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance. It is a very highly energetic cardio that increases the heart rate.

So, these exercises will help you to reduce your fat and calories so you can do them on your own without the money.


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Weight training is a common type of strength training. It uses gravity force to help you build the body & reduces fat & helps to grow the muscles. Weight training is not only bodybuilding. It is Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting. These are sports training, and weight training is a part of sports training, not a Special sport. It is just a part of that.

Weight training is a safe exercise when the motion is slow and controlled. As per the norms of weight training, all the information gave by the weight trainer who helps you to do the weight training. There are some benefits of weight training:-

  • Increase your physical work capacity
  • Improve bone density.
  • Help to increase the strength of the connective tissue.
  • Increase the strength of bones and muscles.
  • Improve the quality of life.


 In the previous topic, I already told you about belly fat, most people facing this kind of problem here is another exercise for reducing belly fat. There are many exercises of weight training, and we discuss some simple weight training types:-

  • BURPEE PRESS: This is a squat in which you are in a standing position. Being in the Position of squatting down until your hand touches the floor in front of your toes. It will help the knees to work and reduces belly fat.
  • KETTLEBELL SWINGS: This is a kind of exercise where you take a circular ball with handle and doings squats. Under this exercise, these swings badly help the hand muscle. The Kettlebell swing is good for the biceps muscle.
  • SQUAT THRUST: Squat thrust builds strength and explosiveness in the lower body with an on the quads, glutes, and hamstring. This exercise uses in workouts for fat reduction and muscle growth.
  • DUMBELL PUNCHES: During this exercise, take the dumbbells and punch them into the air over your head and cross your body. Here your abs get hard and make you strong.
  • BATTLING THE ROPES: Battling the ropes that you can anchor to the walls so you can move them up and down rapidly. This time knees bent and handling the pressure of the whole body. This exercise also reduces fat and helps to build muscle.

These are weight-training exercises.

The Basic difference between cardio activity and weight training exercise for belly fat:

  • Weight training is better for strength., Cardio is good for fat loss.
  • Weight training is good for strengthening the bones., Cardio is better for muscle power.

Here is some difference in my opinion, until everyone has their own experiences in these fields. Some feel weight training is best for fat loss, and some feel cardio is best. Cardio is a type of activity that you can do at home without any equipment, and also weight training is something you have to go to the gym and use some equipment to do these exercises. But both are good for your health and fat loss.

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