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7 Healthy snacks for teens

Healthy Snacks for teens

What’s in snacks today? Do you also want to serve easy and healthy snacks for yourself and your loved ones?

Do you know about 20% of teenagers are suffering from obesity? But nothing to worry about. A slight alteration in your eating habits can help you a lot.

Healthy does not necessarily mean tasteless and tedious to prepare.

In this article, I will share easy, quick homemade 7 Healthy snacks for teens with you.

These snacks are so easy to make, and the preparation time is a maximum of 5-7 minutes. They are full of proteins and nutrients.

So let us discuss them one by one. Happy Reading 😊

What are the nutritional requirements of teenagers?

This question has no one defined answer. Because every teenager has different nutritional requirements based on their gender, weight, age, and physical activities they perform.

Teenage is the age of puberty. Our body undergoes so many transformations considering this teenager requires a good number of calories for healthy growth.

Calories are units used to measure the energy delivered by food to the body.

On average, boys require 2,800 calories/day.

On average, girls need 2,200 calories/day.

What is Energy Balance?

How do we get energy? The source of energy for our body is the foods we intake. Our body works every second, so we must maintain an energy balance that helps us to go strong all day.

Energy balance is the balance between the supply and demand of energy by the body. If this balance is not maintained, we either become obese or lean.

Sadly, most of us are not maintaining the energy balance. The reason for high intake is the availability of food stalls everywhere. Additionally, we can order food anywhere, anytime, with just a few clicks. We can’t resist seeing the mouth-watering fast food. By this, we are just looking at half of the energy balance equation which is the only intake side.

How does the body consume energy?

Now let us understand the other half of the equation how the body consumes energy and why it is essential to maintain calorie intake in the body.

However, fat is one of the largest sources of energy for the body, but the power generated from it is never used immediately. Instead, Carbohydrate is the primary source of energy which is primarily used for immediate energy if we are running out of energy. Example: When we are running.

The rationale for this is carbohydrates are quickly broken down into glucose, and glucose provides instant energy to the body.

In contrast, fats need to be broken down into fatty acids, thus providing energy for intermediate and longer duration.

Now let us go through the recipes which will provide you with the energy.

What are the 7 Healthy snacks for teens?

Healthy snacks for teens
© Penny [Pixabay]
Let us start with one of my favourite Healthy snacks for teens.

Peanut butter sandwich.


Two slices of brown bread

Peanut butter as much sufficient.

Category: Sweet

Preparation: Just spread the peanut butter on one side of the bread slice and top it with the other bread. Have it with milk or as you like.


This is among the healthiest and quickest snacks.


Act 2 popcorn of your choice.

Category: Salty

Preparation: Open the packet and pop the popcorn in a cooker covered with a lid for 3-4 mins.

Fruit and nuts Chaat.

Healthy snacks
© Pexels

A bowl full of fruits keeps you hydrated and energetic all day long.


  • Two Bananas
  • One Apple
  • 100 gm Grapes (Green/Black based on availability)
  • One kiwi
  • One pomegranate
  • 100 gm Cashew, Almonds, and walnuts mixture.
  • Table salt as per taste
  • Chaat Masala as per taste

Category: Sweet and salty


Slice down bananas and other fruits into the desired shape. Mix them in a bowl, sprinkle salt and chaat masala from the top and mix it well. Garnish it with a mixture of nuts. You can have it any day, anytime.

Banana Chocolate Shake.

This is one of the richest Healthy snacks for teens in terms of proteins.


  • Two bananas
  • Two tablespoon Honey
  • One glass milk
  • 150 gm Cashew, Almonds, and walnuts mixture.
  • chocolate syrup

Category: Sweet


Blend peeled banana in a mixer with milk. Add honey and nuts. Also, add one tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Blend the mixture into a smooth liquid. Now transfer it into a jar and garnish it with chocolate syrup. You can add ice during blending if you wish to.

Salty Foxnuts.


  • One bowl Foxnuts
  • One tablespoon Desi ghee
  • Salt as per taste.

Category: Salty


Add one tablespoon of Desi ghee to a preheated pan. Medium heat ghee on low flame. Add Foxnut roast them for 2-3 minutes. Take out from pan in a bowl and add salt as per taste. Munch when cool.

You can dry roast foxnuts as well without Desi ghee.

Veg cheese sandwich.


  • One boiled Potato
  • One medium size Chopped onion
  • One medium size chopped tomato
  • One small size Chopped capsicum
  • Two spoon Ketchup
  • Two spoons of green chilli sauce
  • Two scoops of pizza spread
  • One slice of cheese
  • Two slices of Bread
  • One spoon of Desi ghee
  • Salt as per taste.

Category: Salty

Cooking Instructions:

Mesh potato in a bowl, adds all other chopped vegetables in it mix it well. Add salt as per taste . 2 spoons of ketchup and green chilli sauce. Give it a mix.

Now, take one slice of bread and apply pizza sauce to it. Then place a Cheese slice over the spread. Take another slice and apply the mixture from the bowl evenly. Apply Desi ghee on both sides of the sandwiches.

Place it inside the preheated toaster and wait until the light turns green. Serve it with ketchup.

2 beans chaat.


  • One bowl of Overnight-soaked Chana and Sprouts.
  • One boiled Potato
  • One medium size Chopped onion
  • One medium size chopped tomato
  • One chopped green chilli
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Salt as per taste.
  • Chaat masala as per taste

Category: Salty


Chop boiled potatoes into cubes in a bowl, add all the ingredients in the same bowl and mix them well by adding salt and chaat masala.

Squeeze lemon from the top. Give it a nice mix. Your chaat is ready to eat.

The bottom line of Healthy snacks for teens:

Let me know in the comment section which one you tried and liked the most of the above-mentioned Healthy snacks for teens.

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