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benefits of chia seeds

Top 4 Health Benefits of chia seeds?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Chia”? is it something related to chia pets? Or some

4 Foods to avoid with trulicity

4 Foods to avoid with trulicity

Do you have diabetes? Have you heard of Trulicity? This medication is a once-weekly injectable treatment designed to assist in

Healthy Snacks for teens

7 Healthy snacks for teens

What’s in snacks today? Do you also want to serve easy and healthy snacks for yourself and your loved ones?

Mental Health

Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress: 7 Ways to overcome Stress

According to the global organization for stress statistics(GOSS), around 75 percent of people experience moderate to high levels of stress.

Why mental health should be taught in schools

Why mental health should be taught in schools?

Many teachers are unaware of how to handle students who experience severe mood swings or suicidal thoughts.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence, Key indicator of Mental health among Teens: Unsolicited experience of sexual approach may have an odd everlasting impact.

Ironically sexual violence on teens is the most air topic over the internet and under-discussed in real life. Teens experiencing